A True Leader Must Admit When They Make a Mistake

Bob expected to get fired. His new boss Jim called Bob into his office, and asked to close the door.

2 days prior, Bob made a huge mistake and unplugged a wrong server from the network. A major outage resulted.

Bob walked into Jim’s office fearing the worst.

He started saying “It is my fault..” but Jim interrupted him and said that the fault was his, Jim’s.

Jim explained:

“As your manager, I should have made sure that cables were clearly labelled so such a mistake would be difficult to make. I also should have made sure that no one server’s problem causes a major outage.”

Together the two of them labelled every cable and server in the data center. They also reconfigured the system to gain resiliency.

To be leaders, first and foremost, we have to act with integrity and to take responsibility.

Always remember:

Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.


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